La Romaine Editions is a project to show the beauty and poetry in everyday objects. Those that are here today, and will be the jewel cases of tomorrow's memories. It's another family of friends, craftsmen, artists and designers, reinventing objects for the home, offering timeless pieces as well as two collections a year with themes that change with the times.

Founded by Pauline Vincent, La Romaine Editions is the continuation of a search for simple, spontaneous beauty in everyday life. Always surrounded by objects, she loves to recall the settings of her childhood, the workshops of craftsmen with her decorator aunt and grandmother, the museums with her curator mother. She has long observed shapes and colors, developing a taste for the talent of some and the know-how of others.

She pays homage to her family's vacation home in Romaine to name her project: blurred memories of moments, sensations and above all objects: the large breakfast tablecloths, the colorful vases where lavender dries, the earth-toned plates, the glasses from her great-grandfather's wedding... Stories of color, love and transmission.

M Le Magazine du Monde N.512 | July 2021

Elle Decoration N.291 | September 2021