EDITION No.4 | Le Matin, October 2022

Our new edition pays homage to the morning, that precious moment that must be taken care of. Find handmade cups and saucers from Puglia, striped egg cups from Sophia Ceramica, bird dishes in Dieulefit earthenware, bedside lamps from El Rayo Verde, silver-plated toast racks from England, colorful plaid plaids woven in Nepal, bedroom mirrors from Arraka, flamboyant tapestries by Pierre Boncompain, pillowcases embroidered with florets, handmade plates as pink as dew by Leonor Beherra, wall candlesticks, rugs by Samantha Kerdine, bedside tables designed by Chloé Nègre to be adorned with dream boxes by Nienke Sikkema or golden boxes by Jenna Kaes

Pictures taken in Paris, one winter morning on rue de Richelieu, by François Coquerel